Sunday, 27 November 2011

ADT security protects your home from inside

ADT Alarm System
Are you worried over the increasing burglary and theft these days? According to FBI records there are over 2,200,000 burglaries every year is United States. The fact remains unarmed house valued $600,000 have a 5.5% higher risk of burglary than the houses with an alarm.

So get ADT security with an alarm system immediately to feel safe and be actually safe. Every ADT product makes use of an alarm that alerts you of the danger in time.

The most effective among the ADT anti – theft facilities is probably the motion monitoring system. ADT hardwired and wireless PIR motion monitors keep watch on the interior of your home. The sensors come in portable size so you can move them to any part of your dwelling from rooms to stairs to hallways to backyard. You can remove them easily as well from the rooms currently occupied by you. So that you won’t get a false alarm.

As soon as the sensors detect any unauthorized motions inside your house the danger alarm is rung. The control panel provides you with the exact location of triggered alarm – the right information on the position of the intruder. Now you are able to monitor every step of the person wherever he goes and take action accordingly.
The motion monitors are programmed to ignore activities of animals small to medium size. So you never get false alarm for your pets. ADT security protects you without disturbing your regular life.

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