Friday, 25 November 2011

ADT security guarantees the safety of your home

Do you sometimes feel tensed over the fact that the crime rate is increasing day by day? You are not sure of your home is really safe from dangers? Your concern is quite justified. Your house is not safe at all. It can face any kind of hideous danger from burglary to sexual assaults any time.

It isn’t wise enough to remain aloof when you are aware of the risk involved. You need to take serious action immediately!

Then get ADT security. ADT offers you useful anti – intrusion safeguards to protect your dwelling from outside dangers.

ADT barrier bars protect the windows of your residence. The strong bars deter the intruder from entering your house. If he tries to remove the bars, a danger alarm is immediately rung.

ADT glass detectors alert you if any glass of your entrances get broken – an easy method used by the burglar to get into your house.

ADT door and window sensors secure the entrances of your home. They detect the unauthorized movements and warn you with an alarm at once.

ADT hardwired and wireless PIR motion monitors take charge of the inside of your residence. You can move the portable sensors to any part of your house from rooms to stairs to backyard. As soon as the sensors detect unrecognized movements they ring the alarm. The control panel provides you exact location of the triggered signal. So you come to know about the accurate position of the intruder.

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