Friday, 18 November 2011

ADT home security system keeps the burglars far away from your residence

Are you tensed over your home’s security when you go out? Do you fear your valuables might get stolen? Of course empty house is a serious cause of worry. That’s the reason you need proper home security system.

Then go for ADT residential security. ADT is the number one home security company in US. ADT home security provides your dwelling the best protection from burglars. ADT anti – theft packages secure your home from inside and outside. Whenever there is any probability of intrusion, you are informed as quickly as possible.

ADT Barrier bars protect the risky windows of your dwelling. Firstly the sturdy appearance of the bars discourages the intruder to get into the house. Then if the thief tries to remove the bars the security alarm rings and warns you of the danger.

ADT door/ window sensors make the entrances of your house extra sensitive. As soon as the sensors detect any suspicious activity they signal the alarm.

ADT hardwired and wire less PIR motion monitoring system detects if there is any unauthorized movement inside the house. The sensors come in portable size so you can move them to any part of your home from rooms to stairs. As soon as they get the hint of something unusual they alert you of the intruder.

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