Wednesday, 22 February 2012

ADT guarantees you a Home Full Proof from Burglary

Do you feel your home is full proof from potential intruders? Or you aren’t so sure? Then the current FBI report is enough to give a chill in your back.
According to FBI reports, every year 2,200,000 burglaries happen in USA and 70.3 percent of them are associated with residential properties. The picture is not at all hopeful. Your precious home can fall victim to an unfortunate burglary any time.
To prevent this you require a strong anti – burglary management. Here ADT can help you out. ADT is one of the top home security companies and guarantees you of most effective anti – intrusion treatment. Let’s see what ADT offers you:
·         ADT yard sign and window decals drive away the potential burglars informing them your home is under ADT’s protection.
·         ADT glass break detectors ring alarm when any glass of your windows gets broken – the first sign suggesting a probable intrusion.
·         ADT barrier bars guard the windows so that nobody can sneak into through them. If anyone tries to take out the bars a danger alarm is rung at once.
·         ADT door/ window sensors keep watch on the entrances especially the ones in dark, less noticed or completely out of sight. The sensors ring alarm for unrecognized activities.
·         ADT hardwired and wireless PIR motion detectors monitor the inside of your dwelling. As soon as they detect unauthorized movements – the intruder motioning through the house – ring the alarm. You can move and keep the portable sensors in any part of your home you want to keep watch.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Have Complete Access to Your Home With ADT Video Surveillance System

Even if you away you can have complete access to your dwelling through any of your web enabled devices. Yes this has made possible by ADT’s home video surveillance system that makes use of the most advanced technology to ensure state of the art protection to your most cherished home.
Although you are far off these home security systems from ADT brings you closer to your dwelling. This surveillance system from ADT is however an outcome of advanced technological innovation that protects your home from all possible adversities. With this surveillance system not only is your home protected against unwanted intrusion but also fire, flood and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Moreover, this advanced surveillance system also keeps you up to date on the various happenings of your dwelling via text messages or customized emails. This surveillance system is however active 24 hours and ensures round the clock monitoring service. Further, you are also facilitated to seek expert advice from trained ADT professionals.
The surveillance system from ADT come with closed circuit cameras that can be installed anywhere around your building for capturing images and video footages from every possible angle. These images and video footages of the closed circuit cameras can be stored in the digital video recorder for minimum 30 days.
A subscriber of this ADT security system has the luxury to enjoy certain privileges. Let’s take a look at some of these ADT packages:
·         Allows  you to protect your property
·         Allows secure viewing
·         Allows you to see who is at the door
·         Enables you to use a remote server
·         Allows you to keep an eye on your home from a distance
·         Enables you to identify who is in your home
·         Facilitates you to keep an eye on your kids
Bring home ADT video surveillance system and always stay connected to your family form anywhere and at any point of time.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

ADT promptly informs Police of a Break-in at a Residence

At Wellsville the village police and Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) officials are investigating a probable intrusion and burglary at a residence on 10th Street. All the credit goes to ADT security service.
As we all know, ADT is one of the leading home security companies in this country. ADT promises to protect your dwelling from all kings of safety threats and especially from intrusion. So here is the instance how sincere ADT is on performing its duty.

All the signals generated by the security systems of ADT homeowners are transmitted to local ADT office. In morning ADT Customer Monitoring Center identified that the burglar alarm was activated in victim’s house.

ADT office notified the village police immediately of the break-in. Police responded to the alarm around 10:30 p.m. They found the homeowner at the back door and there was broken glasses all around.

The homeowner reported that his television set was missing. Police and BCI officials collected evidence inside the home where the television set was supposed to be.
Police informed that the patrolman Tony Mancuso and his K-9 partner Ryot responded too. Ryot tracked from the scene to a neighbor’s door.

The inhabitants of nearby residence were at home but while questioned they refused to allow K-9 officer Ryot and other officers to enter and search the house.
As soon as BCI officials complete examining the evidence they will contact Wellsville officers with the results.

This incident proves the effectiveness of ADT anti – intrusion management and also the prompt service of ADT. ADT’s quick call to the police prevented further loss and also helped in the investigation process.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

ADT Security System for your Peace of Mind

Do you sometimes become worried of the safety measures of your home? It’s a very delicate issue so not unreasonable for you to become tensed. Then you must take the initiative to resolve the problem.
And the solution is just in front of your eyes. Take assistance from ADT security and see the difference. ADT is one of the top home security companies in this country. ADT promises to protect your dwelling by best possible means.
ADT offers you safety management for several safety hazards. Let’s have a quick look on a few of them.
ADT fire disaster management
ADT fire and smoke sensors keep watch over your dwelling 24 hours. An unattended fire can cause your dwelling monstrous damage. So ADT sensors are prompt to detect such emergency.
The fire and smoke sensors can identify heavy smoke and excessive heat. The carbon monoxide sensors keep watch on the CO level of the air. For unusual temperature, smoke or percentage of CO they ring the fire alarm at once.
The signal gets transmitted to ADT Customer Care immediately. Your local fire department is notified of the situation. The fire brigade comes to your rescue losing no time. The flame comes under control before spreading much. And your home gets saved from a nightmarish disaster.
ADT water damage control
The ADT sensors are capable of detecting flood and other water leakages. They ring the emergency alarm at once. ADT Customer Care informs you of the situation. So you get enough time to save the valuables from water damage.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Put an End to Burglar Attacks by Installing ADT Home Video Surveillance System

ADT, the renowned home security brand has now facilitated you to put an end to any more burglar attacks by introducing a home video surveillance system that ensures detailed monitoring of your dwelling without missing any single details. This ADT security however gives you a close access to your dwelling through any web enabled device like personal computer or smart phone from anywhere and at any point of time.
ADT home video surveillance system however comes with CCTV cameras that rotate in all directions to capture images from every angle. With these ADT security systems you are kept updated on the latest happenings of your house through message alerts and customized emails.
If you install ADT home video surveillance system then you will be facilitated non stop 24 hours monitoring service. In addition to that, you also have the provision to seek expert advice and guidance from the trained ADT professionals in case if you face any sort of confusion. The professionals also take care of your dwelling in your absence.
The CCTV cameras of this home video surveillance system can store images and 30 seconds video in its digital video recorder for minimum 30 days. With ADT surveillance system not only is your home protected from unwanted intrusion but it is also protected from fire, flood and carbon monoxide poisoning.
An installer of ADT surveillance system is facilitated with certain additional benefits. Take a quick look at some of these benefits:
  • Allows secure viewing
  • Enables you to see who is at the door
  • Facilitates you to use a remote server
  • Enables you to keep an eye on your home from a distance
  • Allows you to identify who is in your home
  • Allows you to keep an eye on your kids
  • Allows you to protect your property
This home video surveillance system is undoubtedly the best of its kind and ensures state of the art home monitoring services. Bring home this surveillance system from ADT  and protect your home all sorts of adversities.