Wednesday, 11 April 2012

ADT Security is here for you if you are worried of your Age and Sudden Health Issues

Are you worried of your age? You live alone and often wonder what would happen if you fall ill suddenly? So here is the solution to all your worries with promise of a healthier and longer life ahead.
Age is not an issue when ADT security is at home. ADT protects you from all kinds of security issues and inconveniences. The ADT monitoring service remains in charge of you 24 hours so you are never left unguarded.
Now for medical purpose ADT has come up with Personal Emergency Response System. ADT is really concerned over the fact of growing health issues of elderly people. ADT realizes the unique role of you and every individual in this society.
ADT values your independent life style too. So it helps you keeping up your individuality where you do not need to depend on anyone yet can find help in distress. ADT is the friend who stands by you in need, always.
ADT has brought specially designed pendants and water proof wrist bands each attached to an assistance button. Wear one and make sure you press the assistance button while not feeling well.
A 2 way voice intercom conversation will be immediately arranged between you and the trained ADT professional. He or she will listen to all the symptoms you have carefully. The useful measures will be taken.
In worse condition ADT will dispatch ambulance and proper medical team. For further assistance, the officials will call your close relatives and neighbors. Having ADT security at home means you are in the safe hands. So need to worry.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

ADT Gold is All about Comfort, Convenience and Luxury and of course the Safety

Do you want for your dwelling a fully customized home safety management? You want an all-in-one residential security plan that will protect you and your close ones without taking toll on you? Then just go for ADT security and see how your world of living changes.
ADT Gold: what you want and cherish
ADT Gold is about exactly all those luxuries you want to cherish at home. Beside safety it is the name for supreme standard life style. ADT incorporates all the latest technologies you are habituated with home computer, video, auto adjusted lighting and heating system and presents you with ADT Gold.
ADT Gold is the three star home security service that has you experience proper safety, utmost convenience and heart rendering customization.
The ADT professionals take out quality time to understand your life style and what suits you best. Only then you are provided with your own unique home safety arrangement. The security system gets installed keeping sensitivity towards the d├ęcor and aesthetics of your residence.
There are three different Gold Monitoring Packages – Gold Standard, Gold Plus and Gold Assured. Besides all the basic precautions ADT Gold Plus offers you additional cellular connection back – up. More over, Gold assured plan provides you critical conditioning monitoring that consists of temperature, flood and carbon monoxide sensors.
ADT Gold Protection Packages provide you PQSP – Preferred Quality Service Plan. It allows you to replace and repair any defective part of equipment of your system whenever you want.