Monday, 21 November 2011

ADT motion monitors are the ideal guards of your residence

ADT Security

Are you confused about what home security system you should get? You feel that your home needs some expert help in the safety matters? Then the option is in front of your eyes. You can depend on ADT security without any hesitation.

ADT security is the ultimate protection to your dwelling. ADT provides you with anti – intrusion devices with advanced technology such as ADT motion monitors.

ADT motion sensors monitor the inside of your residence. Assume that you have made your entrances secure enough. But what if still somebody gets into your house? How can you get to know about his presence in the house?

The answer to this question is ADT motion sensors. The hardwired and wireless ADT motion monitors keep watch on the inside of your house. They are programmed to inform you of any kind of unrecognized movements. The sensors come in portable size. So you can move them to any part of your home from rooms to hallways to stairs to backyards. This way they monitor the whole house.

AS soon as they detect the unauthorized movements they alert you with an alarm sound. The control panel informs you of the exact location of the triggered alarm. Wherever the intruder goes inside the house you can monitor his every step!

The motion monitors ignore activities of animals from small to medium size. So you don’t get false alarm for your pets.

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