Monday, 27 June 2011

Avoid Triggering False Home Alarms!

Avoid False Home Alarms!
The use of home alarm systems is now more prevalent among residents than what it was a couple of years back. More houses have installed home security alarm systems that are attached to the offices of a law enforcement office. As a result of this arrangement between the home security service provider and the police, you can expect help to arrive at your place at the earliest possible time. The response time, (click to know more), is a prime determinant on which home security systems provider you must hire for your home.

The problem is when you or any of your family members accidentally trigger off the home alarm. That will bring the police officers in your house as they would ideally respond in case of a genuine threat. When they find out that the home security systems alert was a false one, they are bound to feel irritated. It is a waste of resources and time when the alarm is fake or accidental. Some areas charge a hefty fine on the residents on the second instance of a false alarm in a month. For every third or even fourth offense, the amount shoots up steadily.

To stop your home alarms from going off, you have to practice some precautions. Begin with making everyone in your family aware of how to use the alarms. They have to stay out of the way of motion detectors or switch them off before venturing into those territories. Pets have a strong chance of setting off a home alarm system. Monitor your pets carefully so that they do not overstep the line. You will have to be proactive about maintaining the alarm systems.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Home Security Hazards through Social Networks!

Home Security Hazards through Social Networks!
Social Media Updates effects Homes security
The use of social networks has made inroads into every aspect of our lives. Do you know that your social media updates can cause serious home security concerns for your home? Yes, that is what the experts of home securities seriously believe! When you’re away at a casino in Vegas, never tweet through your cell phone. You never know, you may be losing more at home than you possibly can at the casino. In the modern world, you can never be sure of your contacts and most people have friends on Facebook whom they do not know personally. Such updates of being away from home will surely spark off an instance of burglary if the status update alerts the wrong person. 

The use of the social networks must not infringe into the personal security ring that you need around you. Giving away your whereabouts to a bunch of strangers is never a wise idea. There’s no stopping you from posting pictures and updates on the networking sites once you have come back from your trip. It will be easier for you to maintain the security at home while you’re on a vacation. Just like posting from the vacation site is not judicious, try not to update others about an impending trip. It surely feels good to create hype on the social media networks with people asking you about the trip! But when you think of the dangers associated with this method, you will surely decide to think otherwise. 

The safest way home security trick that you can try out on social networking sites to post updates on the contrary! Update how bored you are with your life, staying cooped up at home while you’re actually partying the night away!

Monday, 13 June 2011

What Burglars Look At!

Burglars look for newspapers piled up.
Here are some tell-tale signs that you’re not home. These signs are what burglars look for when they scan a neighborhood. They fix upon a target that gets the check on one or more of these boxes. Take a look!

  • Piling Newspapers and Mails: There are sure-fire signs that the owner is not at home. Never allow them to pile up on your doorstep. Cancel the subscriptions for the time you will be away. 

Burglars look for signs of an empty house
  • Overgrown Lawns: Lawns that have not been mowed for some days will start to show. That is a home security alert in itself. Thieves and trespassers will understand that there is no one in the house. A smart move is to hire someone to mow the lawn while you are on a vacation. 

  • Dark Nights: The lights at your house must not be off during the night. You can use self-timers so that the lights are on after sunset. You can also get someone to switch it on, if you have a generous friend or neighbor!

Fake TV for fooling burglars
  • Pet Problems: If your neighborhood is used to having pets playing in the lawn, their absence will be conspicuous. Instead of taking your pets away or lodging them with a friend, hire a pet sitter. The pets will look after your property as well. 

  • Social Networking: Do not post updates about your holiday plans on the social networking sites. You never know who can tip off burglars. Keep your travel plans to yourself and post about them only when you have come back. 

  • Noise Factor: A silent house speaks! Leave a radio or TV on with a timer. The sound of these devices gives off the feeling that the house is lived in. Yes, you might end up spending some electricity in the process, but that’s a choice you can ill afford not to make.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Home Security Tips from Minneapolis Police

Home Security Tips from Minneapolis Police
The Minneapolis law enforcement department is much concerned about the security arrangements in the houses of the neighborhood. It seems like most of the residents are not aware of the home security measures that they need to follow. The police officers are organizing camps across the place to inform the citizens about some common measures to protect themselves from burglaries and thefts. For example, people often depend upon phone lines to call for help. But thieves know that they have danger at this end so they cut open the phone lines! That’s the first thing that they do!

Home security systems are not connected through wires. Wireless gadgets are monitored through the Internet. Burglars cannot tamper with them unless they have the code or password. The home security alarms will be tipped off when there is a breach in the security cordon. The alarm will warn the inmates of the house, along with neighbors and also the nearest police station. Some security measures include lighting systems integrating them with the alarms. The lights on the exteriors of the building will immediately draw attention of the neighborhood. The police feel that this is the best way to prevent a burglar.

The use of security cameras will be useful in providing video evidence to the police. There are numerous instances when security camera captures have helped the police nab the trespasser. In fact, the presence of security cameras installed in the premises is enough to drive away thieves. Studies have revealed that installed security cameras drive away burglars and make the house safer than what it usually is. But the most vital tip that the police preach is that you have to keep your wits about you: be careful and prompt in your reactions.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

DIY Home Security Tips

Burglars will think of the more obvious places to ransack when they break in. The usual spots where people hide their valuables include drawers and closets. Thieves would think of these places the moment they step in. That is why you will need to look after your valuables and hide them at innovative places. Some easy do-it-yourself (DIY) tips are discussed here for your security!

You can ensure the safety of your valuables by storing them in a hollow switchboard. If you are good with the screw driver and some basic tools, this one is an easy but effective shot. Mark out a board that you can empty and then store up cash or jewelry there. A fake electric board or even a switch will never stand out among the other standard ones in your room.

Air vents for ACs can be useful too! But be careful about the valuables not sliding over to the other side. Of course, you cannot try out this method if you have split ACs! In that case, turn to the freezer. Pack your valuable item in a plastic wrapper and dip it in a bowl of sauce. Even when the burglar checks out your freezer, all they see is gravy or sauce. 

There’s nothing like storing items in clothes. But if you keep it stashed between piles of shirts and trousers, it won’t serve your purpose. Innovate on old clothes and stitch them up with inner pockets. These are clothes that you are not going to wear anyway, so why not make use of them? Some people also prefer to hide things inside socks that are then pushed inside shoes!

These are, of course, not entirely sure-fire ways of preventing a burglary! It’s advisable that you get some home security systems installed for a good night’s sleep.  

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Guidelines to Hire Home Securities

Read carefully before hiring your home securities
There are some guidelines that every resident must keep in mind when they decide to install home security systems. The period of being careful starts off from the time you start looking around for a comprehensive home alarm system that can take on the responsibility of keeping you safe. Residents need to trust the firm that they hire. In the home securities domain, there are many players to provide you with a safe cover. However, you will have to find out the service that you feel comfortable in.

A major area of concern in the home securities domain is to find out how your safety will be monitored and where. Reputed home security service providers have tie-ups with the local law enforcement departments. When there is an instance of theft or burglary, the police will be notified within seconds. Various law enforcement departments have different reaction times. Usually a patrol team should reach you within 5 minutes. Before hiring a home alarm system, make sure you know these technicalities well.

A word of caution needs to be struck here. Make sure you know enough about the home securities system before hiring them onboard. The research period has to include knowledge about their work experience and what kind of technology they are using on the field. There will be some of the security agencies that will promise you upgrade and when you avail them, you will find that they do not belong to the same company! Before signing the contract, let the security agent take you through the fine-print of the contract.

A home security system has many gadgets and installations. These are mostly complicated instruments that need to be handled carefully. Make sure that the agent takes you through the salient features of these appliances. That way, you are not likely to generate a false alarm.

Monday, 6 June 2011

False Security Alarms Attract Penalties

False Security Alarms Attract Penalties
False Alarm Penalties by Montgomery County Police

Summer is the time when the law enforcement officers have a lot to deal with. The last thing they want is false alarms going off ever so often! Take the example of the Montgomery County Police. This department is tired of rushing out to help residents in danger only to realize that the alarm was triggered accidentally. The repeated false home security alarms have pushed them to declare hefty fines on residents who cannot control their alarm system from going off.

As a rule, the Montgomery County Police makes allowances for one false security alarm to go unpunished in one calendar year. For the second offense, the residents have to pay $25. The fines go up in amount for every successive offense and it can escalate to about $1000! For commercial alarm users, the same amount can be as high as $4000. The fines are designed to ensure that the residents are more careful about the use of home alarms. It has become a cause for concern in the law enforcement department because they are spending resources to rush in aid and then going back without making any productive input.

How can residents be more careful about home security alarms? To begin with, the doors and windows need to be bolted tight. You can use surge protectors or suppressors on the alarms and phone lines that trigger the monitoring system. Keep a close check on the battery life of the alarm systems. The resident owner, or anyone who knows how to work the alarms, must educate the others in the household. Everyone must be on the same page when it comes to knowing about alarm timers and motion sensors. Pets can trigger alarms, and so can power outages.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Sneak Thefts go up in Summer

Ask any law enforcement officer about thefts in summer and you will find the eyebrows go up in recognition! Summer is the season when people stay away outdoors in camping and beach trips. That provides ample opportunities for thieves and burglars to sneak in and out without much of a sweat. The habits of the residents make it even easier for these miscreants to break in! Many of them commit silly but mammoth blunders like leaving the lights off.
ADT Home Security Tips

Keep your home secure

The police are trying to educate and inform the resident about some basic home security tricks. For example, residents can invest in lights that work on timers. When the sun goes down, the lights will be timed to go on. That way, anyone keeping an eye on your house will not be able to guess that there is no one at home. Community feeling will ensure that all of you in the neighborhood are safe. Arrange for a neighbor to keep their eyes on your house while they are away. You can return the favor when you come across an opportunity!

Doors and windows are entry-exit points that thieves can make use of. A survey among 100 residents found out that 19% of them have left their doors unbolted when they went out. A larger percentage told that they kept the windows open. That is why home security experts and even law enforcers advise to double-check. Always make it a point to deposit your valuables in a bank before you leave for the field trip. Many of the residents may have cars or motorcycles. If you usually keep them outside in a shed, arrange them to be parked inside the house. Experts of home security systems firmly believe that many of the summer crimes are easily avoidable!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Spy cams: You need them for Sure!

ADT Spy Camera
ADT Spy Camera
The use of spy cams is not limited to branded hotels and corporate floors. Common residents need to make use of spy cams for their security and safety. There was a time when the spy cams used to be very expensive and beyond the affordability of many. Things are different now. You can get cameras installed at your house for a far lesser sum of money. All you need to do is call a home security service provider. 

Residents may feel that they do not need spy cams because they have secured their doors and windows with the latest technology in bolts and locks. This is the wrong notion to have! You need spy cams even when you are living in the house. Digital eyes must always keep a watch on the people moving about in the house. At any point in time, the house will contain servants or even nannies. You can never be sure what they are up to. It seems like a na├»ve thought to trust without question. 

Spy cams will help you keep predators at bay. Installing spy cams at outdoor locations, where they can be spotted easily, is a good idea. Thieves and burglars are immediately disarmed against hatching a plan to take down your house. Research in the home security sector has taught us that trespassers leave a house with spy cams as a greater risk zone. They would rather plot against a house that has nothing to do with spy cams. 

You may argue that spy cams are passive home security measures and cannot actually prevent a burglary from taking place. That is true. But the chances of bringing the miscreants to the book go up by several notches when you have spy cam video to substantiate your cause. The police can quickly do something to nab the criminals when they have camera footage.