Sunday, 29 January 2012

Your Dwelling Remains Safe With ADT Video Surveillance System

You can now ensure complete safety of your dwelling with ADT home video surveillance system. This home video surveillance from ADT not only makes your life easier but also restores your complete peace of mind. With this ADT surveillance system you get a detailed picture of your dwelling through any of your web enabled devices even when you are away for a vacation.

Even while having a good time at the beach you can keep a close eye on your dwelling through your web enabled smart phone. ADT surveillance makes use of advanced technology thereby ensuring maximum protection to your dwelling. With ADT surveillance at your home your dwelling is not only protected from any unwanted intrusion but it is also protected from fire, flood and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

 Moreover, this ADT security sends you customized emails or message alerts that keeps you updated about your dwelling. Not only does this home security provider gives you round the clock monitoring service but is also active 24 hours. You also have trained ADT professionals to who always remains at your service as and when required.

However, this ADT surveillance system comes with CCTV cameras that can be installed anywhere around your dwelling to click images from every angle. Not only images but these CCTV cameras can also record 30 seconds video which can be stored in its DVR for minimum 30 days.

As a subscriber of ADT home video surveillance system you can also enjoy certain additional benefits. Some of these additional benefits are as follows:

  • Enables you to see who is at the door
  • Allows you to use a remote server
  • Enables you to keep an eye on your home from a distance
  • Facilitates you to identify who is in your home
  • Allows you to keep an eye on your kids
  • Enables you to protect your property
  • Allows secure viewing
ADT is undoubtedly the best home security solution provider that is gradually becoming an indispensible asset for every household. Bring home ADT surveillance system and safeguard your dwelling from all probable threats.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Fight Any Kind Of Adversity with ADT Security Packages

You can make your life much happier and less tension free by bringing home a reliable and trustworthy home security solution from ADT. With ADT home security solutions you do not have to worry about the security of your home as well as near and dear ones even if you are away.

ADT home security solutions not only safeguard your home from any sort of burglar attacks but also protects your home any adversities like fire, flood and carbon monoxide poisoning. This home security remains active 24 hours and ensures round the clock monitoring service. You can therefore shed all your worries regarding home security with ADT.

The best available home security brand is not only dependable but can also live up to your expectation. ADT in fact gives you everything that you might expect from a home security solution. This home security brand is based on advanced technology and gives your dwelling state of the art protection.

ADT has now brought various security packages which you can choose as per your need and convenience. These packages come with their own unique features thereby ensuring your home maximum protection. These ADT packages are available in different price ranges thereby enabling you choose the most suitable package as per your affordability.

Some of these ADT security packages are as follows:
  • Basic Home Monitoring Package
  • 2-way Voice Monitoring Package
  • 24-hour Home Cell Guard Package
No matter which package you choose you will be ensured state of the art protection to your dwelling. If you are quite apprehensive as to which package to choose for so that it becomes the best suitable choice for your dwelling then you may ask the help of trained ADT professionals who are always there to guide you. So avail any of these packages and ensure safety of your dwelling.

Services provided to you by ADT Pulse

ADT pulse has many features one of it is the video watch features on offer to you. With theh help of these surveillance cameras your home is kept a watch on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.. With the help of this device you can keep a watch on the happenings of your home even when you are somewhere far off. With the help of this video recording feature you can even claim insurance if your home is burgled while this device is working. With the help of ADT Pulse you can connect it to your mobile or PC. Thus you will be able to talk to your family and you can be sure that they are safe and sound. Thus you can easily keep your loved once specially young children and older people alone at home without ant fear.

With the help of ADT Pulse you can also easily control the security of your home from just about anywhere. You are connected with the help of an advanced technology known as the Z-wave technology. Since it is compatible with mobile phones and other such devices hence it is one of the most advanced. In fact you can switch on and switch off the lights of your house even when you are not in your house and you can also control the temperature of your house.

ADT Pulse also has an interactive touch screen which takes and gives commands in necessary situations. This auto regulated device is one of the most advanced home security products of recent time.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Track Down an Unwanted Intruder with ADT Video Surveillance System

You can now track down any unwanted intrusion into your dwelling through ADT home video surveillance system. This surveillance system allows you to track down any unnecessary intrusion by keeping a close eye on your dwelling through any web enabled device.

This ADT security has CCTV cameras that rotate in every direction thereby ensuring maximum coverage. This home video surveillance system also keeps you up to date on the happenings in your house through either message alerts or emails.

This ADT home surveillance system ensures state of the art monitoring service by being 24 hours active. Also there is an active monitoring department that takes care of your dwelling in your absence. However, the CCTV cameras can store images and videos of any events up to 30 days in its DVR which you can easily retrieve without much a do.

If you are a subscriber of ADT home video surveillance system then you are facilitated with certain additional benefits. Here’s a quick look at some of these benefits:

  • Facilitates you to keep an eye on your home from a distance
  • Enables you to identify who is in your home
  • Enables you to keep an eye on your kids
  • Enables you to protect your property
  • Enables you with secure viewing
  • Enables you to see who is at the door 
  • Enables you to use a remote server
Facilitates you to keep an eye on your home from a distance. Thus bring home ADT home video surveillance system and track down any unnecessary intrusion inside your dwelling. ADT is undoubtedly the best home security solution that gives you state of the art home security services that protects your home not only from burglary but also fire, flood and carbon monoxide poisoning.

New ADT Pulse: one of the Greatest News of 2012

According to the news reports ADT security has brought for its clients the interactive smart home solution – ADT Pulse. This safety plan is also available to Android users with BETA Android smart phone in use.

ADT Pulse makes use of latest technologies to provide you with most satisfactory home security solution. ADT security remains active 24/ 7/ 365 protecting you from all possible safety hazards.

ADT Pulse is the single system that co – ordinates all the safeguards of your residence and controls them centrally. You are kept always connected to your dwelling with a Z – wave technology, interactive touch screen and compatible mobile phone. You can arm or disarm the safeguards even from outside home. Now you can use any smart phone or web – enabled laptop to stay in contact with your home while away.

ADT Pulse is not merely about residential safety, but life style management. It provides you complete video surveillance of the house, auto – controlled climate and lighting system and other applications. Such as: you can receive updates on weather, traffic condition or other news on your interactive touch screen.

The real time nature of ADT Pulse is most alluring for today’s mobile consumers. In less than one year ADT has made one fourth profit of its business. This week ADT is foretasting the latest ADT Pulse functionalities obtainable in the first quarter of 2012.

The new facilities include an indoor low – light camera, wireless touch screen, an outdoor wireless IR camera and a WiFi repeater. Besides solutions to new beta version of the Android based mobile phones ADT Pulse supports Black Berry, iPhone and iPad devices as well.

You can follow the security services on the social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter too. ADT Pulse is all about modern home management. So no latest technology is beyond ADT Pulse’s reach.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Setting the delay system on your home security device.

Different alarm systems have different special features ADT home security products also have such features. ADT has the entry and exit delays. They way you can set them are quiet easy and simple and you also do not have to contact the security service provider for help. However you have to keep in mind that the actual delay times can only be set by the security service provider, customers are not able to set this. However you can most certainly set the exit delay times on your own and no help from the ADT service provider is required.

The process of setting this is quite the same for all the ADT products. ADT home security gives you the option of turning off the entry delay system while you are at home or while you are out vacationing. This would sound the alarm instantly once someone tries to break in. You can find the instructions in the manual of your home security product or you can contact the ADT customer care service provider for help.

The settings are quiet easy and handling these products is almost child play. However for your help here are some of the easy steps of handling these products and setting the alarm delay. Just a word of caution though the steps are easy the methods might vary a little depending upon which ADT product you are using.

Firstly to switch ‘ON’ the delay when the house is occupied just enter the security code and then press on ‘STAY’. Similarly to switch off the delay when you are at home just press ‘OFF’ and press ‘INSTANT’ after entering the security code.

Again if you are out of your home and click the delay on button and then press ‘AWAY’ and if you have to switch off the delay when you are out the press the delay ‘OFF’ button and after enter the security code of the ADT home security device press ‘MAXIMUM’.