Tuesday, 29 November 2011

ADT fire and flood sensors are the two most useful defense tools in need

Do you want to opt for a new home security system? Are you not satisfied with the existing one? Then it is the high time you have ADT security for your home.

ADT is one of the leading companies in US and known for the quality service across the whole country. They promise you to provide with best safeguards for your residence’s safety.

We all know precaution is better than cure. That’s why you need to take security measures before it’s too late. The dangers such as sudden fire irruption or flood comes without notice. So it’s wise to remain prepared to fight with them.

  •          ADT fire and smoke sensors

·         ADT fire and smoke sensor
ADT fire and smoke sensors monitor the air of your house 24 hours. As soon as they detect excessive amount of carbon monoxide they take it as indication of fire irruption. The danger alarm is immediately rung. The signal is transmitted to ADT Customer Monitoring Center so that your local fire department can be informed. The fire brigade reaches in no time. Your home is saved from a horrible fire disaster.

  • ADT flood sensors

ADT flood sensor
ADT flood sensors foreshadow the possibility of approaching tide. As soon as they signal the emergency your ADT Customer Care Center notifies you. So you can save your valuables from water damage in time.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

ADT security protects your home from inside

ADT Alarm System
Are you worried over the increasing burglary and theft these days? According to FBI records there are over 2,200,000 burglaries every year is United States. The fact remains unarmed house valued $600,000 have a 5.5% higher risk of burglary than the houses with an alarm.

So get ADT security with an alarm system immediately to feel safe and be actually safe. Every ADT product makes use of an alarm that alerts you of the danger in time.

The most effective among the ADT anti – theft facilities is probably the motion monitoring system. ADT hardwired and wireless PIR motion monitors keep watch on the interior of your home. The sensors come in portable size so you can move them to any part of your dwelling from rooms to stairs to hallways to backyard. You can remove them easily as well from the rooms currently occupied by you. So that you won’t get a false alarm.

As soon as the sensors detect any unauthorized motions inside your house the danger alarm is rung. The control panel provides you with the exact location of triggered alarm – the right information on the position of the intruder. Now you are able to monitor every step of the person wherever he goes and take action accordingly.
The motion monitors are programmed to ignore activities of animals small to medium size. So you never get false alarm for your pets. ADT security protects you without disturbing your regular life.

Friday, 25 November 2011

ADT security guarantees the safety of your home

Do you sometimes feel tensed over the fact that the crime rate is increasing day by day? You are not sure of your home is really safe from dangers? Your concern is quite justified. Your house is not safe at all. It can face any kind of hideous danger from burglary to sexual assaults any time.

It isn’t wise enough to remain aloof when you are aware of the risk involved. You need to take serious action immediately!

Then get ADT security. ADT offers you useful anti – intrusion safeguards to protect your dwelling from outside dangers.

ADT barrier bars protect the windows of your residence. The strong bars deter the intruder from entering your house. If he tries to remove the bars, a danger alarm is immediately rung.

ADT glass detectors alert you if any glass of your entrances get broken – an easy method used by the burglar to get into your house.

ADT door and window sensors secure the entrances of your home. They detect the unauthorized movements and warn you with an alarm at once.

ADT hardwired and wireless PIR motion monitors take charge of the inside of your residence. You can move the portable sensors to any part of your house from rooms to stairs to backyard. As soon as the sensors detect unrecognized movements they ring the alarm. The control panel provides you exact location of the triggered signal. So you come to know about the accurate position of the intruder.

Monday, 21 November 2011

ADT motion monitors are the ideal guards of your residence

ADT Security

Are you confused about what home security system you should get? You feel that your home needs some expert help in the safety matters? Then the option is in front of your eyes. You can depend on ADT security without any hesitation.

ADT security is the ultimate protection to your dwelling. ADT provides you with anti – intrusion devices with advanced technology such as ADT motion monitors.

ADT motion sensors monitor the inside of your residence. Assume that you have made your entrances secure enough. But what if still somebody gets into your house? How can you get to know about his presence in the house?

The answer to this question is ADT motion sensors. The hardwired and wireless ADT motion monitors keep watch on the inside of your house. They are programmed to inform you of any kind of unrecognized movements. The sensors come in portable size. So you can move them to any part of your home from rooms to hallways to stairs to backyards. This way they monitor the whole house.

AS soon as they detect the unauthorized movements they alert you with an alarm sound. The control panel informs you of the exact location of the triggered alarm. Wherever the intruder goes inside the house you can monitor his every step!

The motion monitors ignore activities of animals from small to medium size. So you don’t get false alarm for your pets.

Friday, 18 November 2011

ADT home security system keeps the burglars far away from your residence

Are you tensed over your home’s security when you go out? Do you fear your valuables might get stolen? Of course empty house is a serious cause of worry. That’s the reason you need proper home security system.

Then go for ADT residential security. ADT is the number one home security company in US. ADT home security provides your dwelling the best protection from burglars. ADT anti – theft packages secure your home from inside and outside. Whenever there is any probability of intrusion, you are informed as quickly as possible.

ADT Barrier bars protect the risky windows of your dwelling. Firstly the sturdy appearance of the bars discourages the intruder to get into the house. Then if the thief tries to remove the bars the security alarm rings and warns you of the danger.

ADT door/ window sensors make the entrances of your house extra sensitive. As soon as the sensors detect any suspicious activity they signal the alarm.

ADT hardwired and wire less PIR motion monitoring system detects if there is any unauthorized movement inside the house. The sensors come in portable size so you can move them to any part of your home from rooms to stairs. As soon as they get the hint of something unusual they alert you of the intruder.