Monday, 19 December 2011

Locating your ADT control panel box in your property

The American District Telegraph is popularly known as ADT. In fact many of us don’t even know its full form; we just refer to this very widely known service as ADT. ADT is a universal dealer of fire alarms, building management systems and other such security systems. This company works with other security companies as well to provide security to our homes and businesses. A control panel box controls your ADT alarm system. This control box gives you the option to makes changes to your system. However this blog is about how to locate this box. 

The alarm control panel is generally near the entrance of your property. This control panel has an LCD display a touch screen and quiet a number of buttons for entering the security code provided to you by ADT

It can also be placed near your garage entrance. This can be because it would help you to control the alarm system easily while you are travelling by car. 

It is always placed at eye level. 

If it is very difficult to locate the control box you must follow the beep sounds which are sounded from the control panel when you enter your property. ADT alarms beep when you arrive home. This is because it is an indication from the ADT product to enter the security code provided to you by ADT. Please note that the alarm is triggered if you are unable to provide the system with the security code with in a set time.

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