Tuesday, 20 December 2011

ADT Dispatcher saves a Lady from Sure Death

ADT dispatcher saves Miss. woman's life
ADT is once more in the news for right reasons. Now a ADT home security dispatcher saves a family from grave misfortunes. This incident shows the sincerity of ADT professional to protect your home in all adversities.

Delores White has lost her husband just the last month. Her son has none but only her in this world to take care of him. A few days before Delores received a life saving call from Maya Harris, the ADT security dispatcher. Maya warned her of emergency as the carbon monoxide detectors of her dwelling had been activated indicating the level of CO reaching alarming level.

When the fire care professionals examined the whole situation they found a faulty furnace had poisoned 70% of the air with carbon monoxide. If a few more minutes were passed in such circumstance White would have died and her son would have been left completely alone in this world.

White and Harris met in person Tuesday in Jacksonville. They both became very emotional. Delores didn’t find words how to thank Maya and she was more touched by the foresight of her husband. Just a few weeks before his death White’s husband upgraded their ADT system. He specifically asked for the carbon monoxide detector. White is so overwhelmed by the fact of her chanceful miss to a sure death that she feels like her husband is still protecting her.

Harris was very happy to be able to save someone’s life. She was awarded the Lifesaver prize by the ADT officials who drove from their Boca Raton headquarters to provide her the recognition she deserves.

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