Wednesday, 14 December 2011

ADT Video Surveillance: Your Trusted Guard this Festive Season

Are you worried of your home’s security? Because we all know in this month of merriment and festivity also the crime rate goes high. Those unscrupulous criminals take advantage of your happy moments and ruin them badly. You must prevent them and for this have a new home security system.

In this regard you can always seek ADT security’s assistance. ADT is one of the top home security companies in US and knows exactly what you require for a safe home. ADT provides you effective security care in affordable price. Now ADT offers you complete video surveillance of your dwelling for 24 hours.

ADT video surveillance

  • The ADT dome cameras keep watch on every corner of your residence on the behalf of you. Whatever happens in your house never passes unnoticed. The ADT digital video recorder records all the video clippings captured by the dome cameras. The cameras can tilt pan and or zoom and give you full 180 degree angle view.
  • ADT security functions through a remote server and enable you to see from other room or outside what is happening at your home. On the linked TV or assigned monitor you can see what your kids are doing or how your pets are. The video footages can be downloaded as well. You also get email alerts as the first sign of trouble.
  • ADT security respects your privacy. So the recorded information and video footages remain completely confidential.  With ADT security video surveillance on board you have safe home devoid of worries.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this blog. I dont feel that people take home security seriously and the sooner people realise that they need to help themselves in order to prevent crime the better!

    There are reams of free information all over the web of how to protect your home. This is all easily accessible and can offer a wide range of tips and advice.

    There is no excuse for people to overlook the protection of their home or family.

    Keep up the work on your great site!