Monday, 13 June 2011

What Burglars Look At!

Burglars look for newspapers piled up.
Here are some tell-tale signs that you’re not home. These signs are what burglars look for when they scan a neighborhood. They fix upon a target that gets the check on one or more of these boxes. Take a look!

  • Piling Newspapers and Mails: There are sure-fire signs that the owner is not at home. Never allow them to pile up on your doorstep. Cancel the subscriptions for the time you will be away. 

Burglars look for signs of an empty house
  • Overgrown Lawns: Lawns that have not been mowed for some days will start to show. That is a home security alert in itself. Thieves and trespassers will understand that there is no one in the house. A smart move is to hire someone to mow the lawn while you are on a vacation. 

  • Dark Nights: The lights at your house must not be off during the night. You can use self-timers so that the lights are on after sunset. You can also get someone to switch it on, if you have a generous friend or neighbor!

Fake TV for fooling burglars
  • Pet Problems: If your neighborhood is used to having pets playing in the lawn, their absence will be conspicuous. Instead of taking your pets away or lodging them with a friend, hire a pet sitter. The pets will look after your property as well. 

  • Social Networking: Do not post updates about your holiday plans on the social networking sites. You never know who can tip off burglars. Keep your travel plans to yourself and post about them only when you have come back. 

  • Noise Factor: A silent house speaks! Leave a radio or TV on with a timer. The sound of these devices gives off the feeling that the house is lived in. Yes, you might end up spending some electricity in the process, but that’s a choice you can ill afford not to make.

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