Friday, 3 June 2011

Sneak Thefts go up in Summer

Ask any law enforcement officer about thefts in summer and you will find the eyebrows go up in recognition! Summer is the season when people stay away outdoors in camping and beach trips. That provides ample opportunities for thieves and burglars to sneak in and out without much of a sweat. The habits of the residents make it even easier for these miscreants to break in! Many of them commit silly but mammoth blunders like leaving the lights off.
ADT Home Security Tips

Keep your home secure

The police are trying to educate and inform the resident about some basic home security tricks. For example, residents can invest in lights that work on timers. When the sun goes down, the lights will be timed to go on. That way, anyone keeping an eye on your house will not be able to guess that there is no one at home. Community feeling will ensure that all of you in the neighborhood are safe. Arrange for a neighbor to keep their eyes on your house while they are away. You can return the favor when you come across an opportunity!

Doors and windows are entry-exit points that thieves can make use of. A survey among 100 residents found out that 19% of them have left their doors unbolted when they went out. A larger percentage told that they kept the windows open. That is why home security experts and even law enforcers advise to double-check. Always make it a point to deposit your valuables in a bank before you leave for the field trip. Many of the residents may have cars or motorcycles. If you usually keep them outside in a shed, arrange them to be parked inside the house. Experts of home security systems firmly believe that many of the summer crimes are easily avoidable!

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