Thursday, 9 June 2011

DIY Home Security Tips

Burglars will think of the more obvious places to ransack when they break in. The usual spots where people hide their valuables include drawers and closets. Thieves would think of these places the moment they step in. That is why you will need to look after your valuables and hide them at innovative places. Some easy do-it-yourself (DIY) tips are discussed here for your security!

You can ensure the safety of your valuables by storing them in a hollow switchboard. If you are good with the screw driver and some basic tools, this one is an easy but effective shot. Mark out a board that you can empty and then store up cash or jewelry there. A fake electric board or even a switch will never stand out among the other standard ones in your room.

Air vents for ACs can be useful too! But be careful about the valuables not sliding over to the other side. Of course, you cannot try out this method if you have split ACs! In that case, turn to the freezer. Pack your valuable item in a plastic wrapper and dip it in a bowl of sauce. Even when the burglar checks out your freezer, all they see is gravy or sauce. 

There’s nothing like storing items in clothes. But if you keep it stashed between piles of shirts and trousers, it won’t serve your purpose. Innovate on old clothes and stitch them up with inner pockets. These are clothes that you are not going to wear anyway, so why not make use of them? Some people also prefer to hide things inside socks that are then pushed inside shoes!

These are, of course, not entirely sure-fire ways of preventing a burglary! It’s advisable that you get some home security systems installed for a good night’s sleep.  

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