Thursday, 16 February 2012

Have Complete Access to Your Home With ADT Video Surveillance System

Even if you away you can have complete access to your dwelling through any of your web enabled devices. Yes this has made possible by ADT’s home video surveillance system that makes use of the most advanced technology to ensure state of the art protection to your most cherished home.
Although you are far off these home security systems from ADT brings you closer to your dwelling. This surveillance system from ADT is however an outcome of advanced technological innovation that protects your home from all possible adversities. With this surveillance system not only is your home protected against unwanted intrusion but also fire, flood and carbon monoxide poisoning.
Moreover, this advanced surveillance system also keeps you up to date on the various happenings of your dwelling via text messages or customized emails. This surveillance system is however active 24 hours and ensures round the clock monitoring service. Further, you are also facilitated to seek expert advice from trained ADT professionals.
The surveillance system from ADT come with closed circuit cameras that can be installed anywhere around your building for capturing images and video footages from every possible angle. These images and video footages of the closed circuit cameras can be stored in the digital video recorder for minimum 30 days.
A subscriber of this ADT security system has the luxury to enjoy certain privileges. Let’s take a look at some of these ADT packages:
·         Allows  you to protect your property
·         Allows secure viewing
·         Allows you to see who is at the door
·         Enables you to use a remote server
·         Allows you to keep an eye on your home from a distance
·         Enables you to identify who is in your home
·         Facilitates you to keep an eye on your kids
Bring home ADT video surveillance system and always stay connected to your family form anywhere and at any point of time.

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