Wednesday, 22 February 2012

ADT guarantees you a Home Full Proof from Burglary

Do you feel your home is full proof from potential intruders? Or you aren’t so sure? Then the current FBI report is enough to give a chill in your back.
According to FBI reports, every year 2,200,000 burglaries happen in USA and 70.3 percent of them are associated with residential properties. The picture is not at all hopeful. Your precious home can fall victim to an unfortunate burglary any time.
To prevent this you require a strong anti – burglary management. Here ADT can help you out. ADT is one of the top home security companies and guarantees you of most effective anti – intrusion treatment. Let’s see what ADT offers you:
·         ADT yard sign and window decals drive away the potential burglars informing them your home is under ADT’s protection.
·         ADT glass break detectors ring alarm when any glass of your windows gets broken – the first sign suggesting a probable intrusion.
·         ADT barrier bars guard the windows so that nobody can sneak into through them. If anyone tries to take out the bars a danger alarm is rung at once.
·         ADT door/ window sensors keep watch on the entrances especially the ones in dark, less noticed or completely out of sight. The sensors ring alarm for unrecognized activities.
·         ADT hardwired and wireless PIR motion detectors monitor the inside of your dwelling. As soon as they detect unauthorized movements – the intruder motioning through the house – ring the alarm. You can move and keep the portable sensors in any part of your home you want to keep watch.

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