Sunday, 29 January 2012

Your Dwelling Remains Safe With ADT Video Surveillance System

You can now ensure complete safety of your dwelling with ADT home video surveillance system. This home video surveillance from ADT not only makes your life easier but also restores your complete peace of mind. With this ADT surveillance system you get a detailed picture of your dwelling through any of your web enabled devices even when you are away for a vacation.

Even while having a good time at the beach you can keep a close eye on your dwelling through your web enabled smart phone. ADT surveillance makes use of advanced technology thereby ensuring maximum protection to your dwelling. With ADT surveillance at your home your dwelling is not only protected from any unwanted intrusion but it is also protected from fire, flood and carbon monoxide poisoning. 

 Moreover, this ADT security sends you customized emails or message alerts that keeps you updated about your dwelling. Not only does this home security provider gives you round the clock monitoring service but is also active 24 hours. You also have trained ADT professionals to who always remains at your service as and when required.

However, this ADT surveillance system comes with CCTV cameras that can be installed anywhere around your dwelling to click images from every angle. Not only images but these CCTV cameras can also record 30 seconds video which can be stored in its DVR for minimum 30 days.

As a subscriber of ADT home video surveillance system you can also enjoy certain additional benefits. Some of these additional benefits are as follows:

  • Enables you to see who is at the door
  • Allows you to use a remote server
  • Enables you to keep an eye on your home from a distance
  • Facilitates you to identify who is in your home
  • Allows you to keep an eye on your kids
  • Enables you to protect your property
  • Allows secure viewing
ADT is undoubtedly the best home security solution provider that is gradually becoming an indispensible asset for every household. Bring home ADT surveillance system and safeguard your dwelling from all probable threats.

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