Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Setting the delay system on your home security device.

Different alarm systems have different special features ADT home security products also have such features. ADT has the entry and exit delays. They way you can set them are quiet easy and simple and you also do not have to contact the security service provider for help. However you have to keep in mind that the actual delay times can only be set by the security service provider, customers are not able to set this. However you can most certainly set the exit delay times on your own and no help from the ADT service provider is required.

The process of setting this is quite the same for all the ADT products. ADT home security gives you the option of turning off the entry delay system while you are at home or while you are out vacationing. This would sound the alarm instantly once someone tries to break in. You can find the instructions in the manual of your home security product or you can contact the ADT customer care service provider for help.

The settings are quiet easy and handling these products is almost child play. However for your help here are some of the easy steps of handling these products and setting the alarm delay. Just a word of caution though the steps are easy the methods might vary a little depending upon which ADT product you are using.

Firstly to switch ‘ON’ the delay when the house is occupied just enter the security code and then press on ‘STAY’. Similarly to switch off the delay when you are at home just press ‘OFF’ and press ‘INSTANT’ after entering the security code.

Again if you are out of your home and click the delay on button and then press ‘AWAY’ and if you have to switch off the delay when you are out the press the delay ‘OFF’ button and after enter the security code of the ADT home security device press ‘MAXIMUM’.

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