Monday, 12 March 2012

ADT Security: Your Trusted Friend in Need

Do you want your home safe from all kinds of safety hazards? Then take assistance from the most dependable home security service – ADT.
With such rise in residential crime and accident rates only personal care cannot make your dwelling from dangers. ADT ensures your safety beyond question.
ADT security remains in charge of your residence 24 hours. It protects you and your family from all major safety threats. Let’s have a look:
ADT fire safety treatment
We use so many electrical gadgets in household work because that saves a lot of time of ours. But it involves potential risk of a fire disaster too. There can be any time sudden sparks due to technical malfunction.
And if the flame catches inflammable things, it can gobble up anything on its way. It can cost life of your close ones too. So ADT fire and smoke sensors keep on monitoring the dwelling continually.
ADT fire and smoke sensors can detect excessive heat and heavy smoke. There are additional carbon monoxide sensors to keep check on the CO level. As soon as the sensors detect unusual smoke, temperature or CO percentage they ring the fire alarm.
The signal gets immediately transmitted to ADT Customer Monitoring Center. Your local fire department is informed. The help reaches at once. You get saved from a fatal disaster.
ADT water damage treatment
Dedicated ADT sensors can detect flood and other types of water leakages. As soon as the sensors signal emergency ADT Customer Monitoring Center informs you. You get much required time to save the valuables from water damage.

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